Tiana’s Kitchen

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“If I can mince, you can dance.” – Prince Naveen


When I was first married, I woke up one day and realized that I actually had to cook.  GASP!  My mother is a fantastic cook and all my growing up years she made the dinners.  I realized that I only knew how to make cookies (because the way to a man’s heart is through cookies).  I felt like Prince Naveen from Disney’s The Princess and the Frog the first time I tried to mince garlic.  I admit that I am still a terribly slow mincer, but we have managed to survive these 6 1/2 years so I guess I’m doing something right.

I wanted to teach my kids some basic cooking skills so that they will be ready to cook when they are adults.  That in mind, I welcomed them to:


The object of the day was to help them learn to make tuna fish sandwiches.  This required some spreading, grinding, mixing, and cutting.  


The first rule of cooking is to always wash your hands.


I gave each child an apron to wear (they needed to look like official chefs after all).  Princess helped me drain the tuna, then I gave each child a knife and let them spread mayonnaise on their  sandwich.


Goofy put giant blobs of the mayonnaise on her sandwich.  She would have eaten it that way too if I hadn’t come over and showed her how to spread it evenly.


We had Bestie and Brownie over for lunch.  Brownie had lots of fun helping in Tiana’s kitchen.


I helped Princess chop up the pickles.  I made sure to emphasize that children should NOT use knives without parent supervision.


Brownie got to push the button on the grinder.  She wasn’t expecting it to be quite so loud.


I put the tuna, mayo, and pickles into a bowl and let each of the kids take turns mixing it together.


Mix, mix, mix.


While each girl took turns mixing the tuna, I cut some slices of cheese.


Time to spread the tuna onto their sandwiches.


Cooking can be fun, but eating is always the BEST part.


Now that’s a pair of proud chefs.  Everyone loved their tuna sandwiches, but I think they liked them even more because they made them.


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