The Gnome Mobile – Grandpa’s Silly Snore

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“Nobody snores like grandfather.” – Rodney


This week I introduced my children to the movie The Gnome Mobile.   Did anyone else watch this movie religiously when they were young?  I LOVE the gnome mobile song!  (If it doesn’t get stuck in your head after you watch the movie you must be superhuman.)  

One of the best scenes is when DJ gets trapped in the insane asylum.  Rodney and Elizabeth come to free him.  How does Rodney find him when there are so many rooms in the asylum?  Why, by his snore of course!



How to Play:

  • Everyone sits in a circle.  Choose one person to start the game.  That person looks at the person to their left and snores the silliest snore they can.
  • The person on the left tries not to laugh.  If they laugh, they are out.
  • The last person to laugh wins!


Here is Princess snoring at Goofy.


Goofy tried really hard not to laugh.  Whenever it was Goofy’s turn she would yell “ROAR!” instead of snoring.  She cracked me up…


And she obviously cracked up her sister as well.

This would be a fun party game – perfect way to break the ice and get to know each other (in a loud, strange way).

What are some of your favorite party games?


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