Sleeping Beauty – Sleeping Dragon Game

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Maleficent is my favorite Disney villain – hands down!  She is elegant and evil.  Who else gets so angry about not being invited to a party that she curses a baby?  I ask you!  I had to create a game in her honor, and I came up with the Sleeping Dragons game.

Sleeping Dragons Game

Materials Needed:

  1. A doll or something to represent Sleeping Beauty (optional-if you have enough kids you can use one of them)
  2. A large area/room

How to Play:


  • Put the Sleeping Beauty somewhere in the room
  • One child is chosen to be Prince Phillip.
  • Everyone else is a dragon.


  • The dragons lie down anywhere in the room and close their eyes.  They are guarding Sleeping Beauty.


  • Prince Phillip starts as far away from Sleeping Beauty as he can be.  He tries to sneak past the dragons without being heard.  If he is heard the dragon wakes up and he has to start over.
  • The game ends when Prince Phillip reaches Sleeping Beauty.  The kids take turns being Prince Phillip.


Princess was so proud to reach Sleeping Beauty without being detected by the dragons.  My girls and their friends had a blast with this game.  It’s easy, takes no set-up, and kids love it.

Watch Prince Phillip fight the dragon – one of my all time favorite scenes!  Click the image below.

Dragon Scene

Dragon Scene


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