Potion’s Class – Magic Bubbles

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“There will be no foolish wand-waving or silly incantations in this class.”  – Severus Snape


For those of you who are new to this site – welcome!  I hope you enjoy the many movie-themed activities you will find here.  To those of you who have been faithful followers – yep, it’s another Harry Potter post.  (Remember, if you need help planning your own party click HERE to go to the Harry Potter Party Master List.  This will help you plan decorations, games, food, costumes, the works!)


After learning Alohamora in charm’s class, we headed to the dungeon for potions class.  We were supposed to make magic bubbles (a.k.a. those super long-lasting bubbles that I see all over Pinterest).  

Materials Needed:

  • Magic Bubbles Recipe (Get printout HERE)
  • Bubble wands (I used neon pipe cleaner more for the decorating effect, but I would suggest real bubble wands)
  • 3 c water, labeled “Dream Fluid”
  • 1 c dish soap, labeled “Acromantula Venom”
  • 1/2 c white corn syrup, labeled “Phoenix Tears”
  • Food coloring (optional), labeled “Felix Felicis”
  • Labels – (Click on Harry Potter Decorations to get them)
  • A bowl and something to stir with


How to Play

  • Follow the directions on the Magic Bubbles Recipe.
  • Go outside and blow your long-lasting bubbles.
  • Award house points for longest lasting and biggest bubbles.


I knew my kids would love this activity.  What kid doesn’t like bubbles?


Blow Harry!  Blow!

IMG_4084-001 IMG_4088

Wormtail watching his bubble float away.  He had the longest lasting bubble of the night.

We had more fun than Snape would have approved of.


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