Pete’s Dragon – Elliott’s Hot Apple Toss

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“Mm!  This is good Elliott” – Pete

Pete's Dragon Poster

Whenever I say, “Pete’s Dragon” to my siblings, they immediately start singing “Oh Pete-y!  Oh Pete-y!  Where are you?  Please come back.”  (I know know you started singing it in your head just now.)  The Gogans are mean, crazy, and super fun to impersonate.

At the beginning of the movie Pete is trying to escape from the Gogans with help from his dragon friend, Elliott.  Once he gets away, Pete realizes he is hungry.  Elliott, happy to help a friend, heats up an apple from a tree and hands it to Pete.  This gave me the idea of a super easy “hot potato” game.


Materials Needed:

  • An apple
  • A timer
  • A pencil & paper (optional)

How to Play:

  • Form a circle.


  • Set the timer for 1 minute. 


  • Toss the apple as quickly as you can to anyone in the circle.  You do not want to end up with the apple once the timer goes off.


  • If you are stuck with the apple at the end of the round, you are out.  The person who end up apple-less at the end of the game wins.


  • Another Variation: If you would like the game to last longer, write everyone’s name on a piece of paper.  Let everyone know they have 3-5 (depending on how quickly you want the game to end) chances before they are out.  Put a tally mark under the name of the person the apple lands on at the end of each round.  


After we had finished playing we all ate apples just like Pete.


Who doesn’t love a red, juicy apple?


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