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 “All it takes is faith and trust… And just a little bit of pixie dust.” – Peter Pan


Ah Peter Pan!  Another Disney classic.  My favorite scene is when Mr. Smee is shaving Captain Hook.  That poor seagull!  If you’ve never read the book by J.M. Barrie you ought to.  It’s no wonder Peter Pan is beloved by all.  And if you just can’t get enough Peter Pan try reading the Peter and the Starcatchers series.  You won’t regret it.

I found some Peter Pan coloring pages, printed them out, and made pixie dust pictures with my girls.


Pixie Dust Pictures

Materials Needed:

  1. Peter Pan coloring pages (found below)
  2. Crayons
  3. Glue
  4. Gold glitter


How to Make Pixie Dust Pictures:

  • Print off your Peter Pan coloring pages.  I printed off 3 different types of pages, but both of my girls wanted to color the same one.


Here is Princess’ coloring page.  For a four year old she always does a great job!


  • Next, let your child apply glue where they want the pixie dust to be on the coloring page.


  • Pour the pixie dust (gold glitter) over the glue.


This can get messy.


  • Dump the rest of the glitter back into its container and there you have it.  


Goofy put made her pixie dust look like little dots.


Princess decided she liked that and added her own pixie dust dots as well.

Here are are some Peter Pan coloring pages you can print off for yourself.

peterpan-coloring-pages-9 Peter Pan Peter Pan Coloring Pages 02

Other movies you could use this craft for:

  • Tinkerbell Movies (all)
  • Hook
  • Peter Pan (live version)
  • Return to Neverland

My kids were sick, but if yours are feeling well you could go outside, sprinkle a little glitter on their heads, and let them pretend to be flying.

Enjoy the “You can fly” scene from Peter Pan

You Can Fly

You Can Fly


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