Lord of the Rings – Battle for Middle Earth Risk

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Gimli: Toss me.
Aragorn: What?
Gimli: I cannot jump the distance, you’ll have to toss me.  (Pause)  Don’t tell the elf.  

LOTR Movie Cover

Lord of the Rings extended editions DVDs = movie night with the hubby.  We had dinner in Hobbiton before we watched the movie.

I thought making the movie interactive would be fun, so I created this Battle for Middle Earth Risk Game.


Battle for Middle Earth Risk

Materials Needed:

  • Battle for Middle Earth Board – (I made mine by printing off the Lord of the Ring’s map, outlining different territories, and putting their names on them.  I made Rohan, Gondor, Isengard, Helm’s Deep, Mordor, and the Dead Marshes)
  • Risk Pieces (if you look online you can even find LOTR Risk game pieces)
  • Movie List below

How to Play:
Object of the Game: Take over/save all of Middle Earth.
Player Pieces: Good guys – Soldier = Man of Gondor, Horseman = Rider of Rohan, Cannon = Ents
Bad guys – Soldier = Orcs, Horseman = Nazgul, Cannon = Cave Troll
How to Play:

  • Decide who will be the good guys and who will be the bad guys.
  • Each person gets 40 infantry pieces to divide between their territories.
  • As you watch the movie look for the things on the movie list to get more infantry pieces.
  • After the movie is over roll against each other until the other player is wiped out.
Movie List: Add a soldier when:
  • Merry and Pippin get up to some shenanigans
  • There is a panoramic scene (no characters in the shot)
  • Legolas is looking off in the distance
  • Gimli grumbles about something
  • There is a close up of the ring
  • There is an intimate moment between Frodo and Sam
  • The word “precious” is spoken
  • Aragorn does something sweet (good – 1 Man of Gondor)
  • Gandalph goes serious wizard mode (good – 1 Rider of Rohan)
  • Tree Ents destroy Isengard (good – 3 Tree Ents)  *Note that we were watching The Two Towers movie, so you can change this to be different critical moment for whatever movie you are watching.
  • The eye of Sauran is shown (bad – 1 Orc)
  • A large army of Orcs is in the shot (bad – 1 Nazgul)
  • The outer wall of Helm’s Deep is blown up (bad – 2 Cave Trolls)
*First player to call it out gets the soldier unless the event is specified for a certain team.
My hubby and I set up.  He chose to be the good guys.
After the movie we rolled the dice to try to wipe each other out.  Even though I had an ENORMOUS army in Mordor, my die rolling skills stink and good won out in the end.  What a fun night!  My hubby thinks I’m pretty weird, but no one can accuse me of being boring.
I thought I’d add the link to Studio C’s Gandalf Intervention just in case you need a chuckle. So funny!
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