Hotel Transylvania Zing Game

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Your zing will come – Letter to Mavis


Have you ever gone into a movie with no expectations and come away pleasantly surprised?  That’s how I felt about Hotel Transylvania.  I snagged it from the Red Box for my kids–just because.  I had never even heard of it.  I found it had a good mix of funny and heartfelt moments.  Give it a try.  It will be a fun little watch for your family this Halloween season.

In the movie Mavis and Jonny “zing.”  This means they feel a connection and fall in love.  The following game is something I remember playing with my brothers and sisters when I was little.  It had no official name back then.  If you never got to “zing” your family members, now is your chance to make up for lost time.


Zing Game

Materials Needed:

  • Socks
  • A carpeted area

How to Play:

  • Put on a pair of socks.
  • Rub them across the carpeted area without lifting your feet.
  • See how many times you can “zing” your family members.




Goofy was having so much fun she wouldn’t be still.


She ran around the room laughing hysterically shouting, “Zing!  Zing!” and touching everyone.



Bud loved watching his sisters play.  (Why yes, he is sitting on a plastic sword.  What of it?) 

What fun memories this game brought back to me.  What great memories were made with my kids!  You’ll be “shocked” at how much fun you’ll have when you try this with your own family.


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  1. Vilate

    October 16, 2013 at 4:06 pm

    We LOVE this movie at our house. I should have told you about it. I am glad you found it and liked it. Fun activity!

    • Fun-Filled Flicks

      October 16, 2013 at 4:33 pm

      Thanks Vilate. I have a feeling your kids would love running around the house shocking each other!

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