Hop: Jelly Bean Taste Test

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Fred: Don’t eat that!  [E.B.’s jelly bean poop]  You might not like the flavor.
Sam: Fred, relax.  [crunch]  Watermelon.


Hippity, hoppity Easter’s on it’s way!  I can hardly believe Easter is only a few days away.  During the week I like to do a couple of Easter-themed activities with my kids.  They love this time of year because it usually includes egg hunts and candy.  What kid doesn’t like candy?

At the kids’ request, we have watched Hop quite a few times to get into the spirit of things.  My kids laugh and laugh at the little dancing chicken.  Anyway, in the move we learn that E.B. poops jelly beans. Yes, potty humor.  Gotta love it.  Fred’s sister comes over to the house and eats some of the jelly beans (making Fred gag).  I came up with a jelly bean game that, hopefully, won’t make you gag.


Materials Needed:

  • Jelly beans
  • A blindfold


How to Play:

  • Blindfold one child.


  • Give the child a jelly bean.


  • Let the child eat the jelly bean and have them try to guess the flavor.


Princess guessed the right flavor on the first try!


Goofy’s turn.


It didn’t take her long to get the right flavor either.

We played a couple of rounds of jelly bean taste testing before bed.  I would be a great to use for a preschool lesson about the sense of taste.  Or, even better, an EASTER lesson on the sense of taste.  Just a thought.

For older children and adults it would be fun to use Jelly Belly jelly beans.  More flavors to guess!

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