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My littlest sister is heading off to college.  I wanted to send her off in style, and what better way than to throw a Harry Potter Costume Party?

If you ever plan on having a Harry Potter party of your own feel free use this page as a reference.  I will post links to all of the party activities we did.  I will try to make everything easily accessible for you.  (I wish I had something like this when I planned my party.)

***As I add new posts about this party I will attach the links below for your convenience.***

Party Invitations and Prep

  • Send out invitations (I did this via Facebook, but you could get super cute and do something like THIS.)  
  • Let each person pick who they would like to be.  Here is a great List of Harry Potter Characters you can choose from.  (I wanted an even amount of good guys and bad guys to sort into their different houses.)  
  • Our dinner was potluck.  Let each person pick a few things to bring to dinner.  Here is a List of Foods in the Harry Potter books if you need some dinner ideas.

Party Outline:

Class Activities:

To view the party decorations and food click the following links (when they appear).

I hope this will help make your party planning go smoothly!


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