Harry Potter Muggle Quidditch

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“Harry was speeding toward the ground when the crowd saw him clap his hand to his mouth as though he was going to be sick – he hit the field on all fours – coughed – and something fell into his hand. ‘I’ve got the snitch!’ he shouted, waving it above his head, and the game ended in complete confusion.” – J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone


I am proud to be one of lucky kids that grew up with Harry Potter.  I remember my dad one night announced that we were “going to read this book as a family.”  Many a night was spent up past 1:00 AM begging him for one more chapter.  And another.  And another!

Some of the best scenes in the books and movies are the quidditch matches.  I knew the Harry Potter Party that I was throwing for my sister would never be complete unless we had a chance to play quidditch.  As we are muggles, we couldn’t fly on brooms.  But muggle quidditch is still a terrific sport!


Muggle Quidditch

Materials Needed:

  • 6 Quidditch Hoops (for terrific, very detailed instructions click HERE.  These are the instructions my brother and I used to make our hoops.  I sprayed mine with spray paint as well.)
  • Brooms (or sticks representing a broom) for each player.
  • A bludger (black ball), use two if you have enough people
  • A quaffle (red ball), I’ve heard volleyballs are the right size
  • A snitch (Some people put a tennis ball in a bright yellow tube sock, but I made a flag football belt with only one golden flag)


How to Play:

  • Set up your quidditch rings at two opposite ends of your playing area with three different-sized rings on each side.
  • Give each player a broom.  I made mine from canes sprayed gold, and branches hot glued and secured with jute.
  • Divide into two equal teams.  Ideally you want 14 players, 7 per team.
  • Choose who is going to take each position: beaters (2), chaser (3 per team if you have enough players), keeper (1 per team), seeker (1 per team), and snitch (1).


  • The beaters have the black balls.  I bought a ball from the dollar store and painted it with acrylic paint.  (Don’t use spray paint as it makes the ball all sticky.  Just an FYI from some trial and error on my part.)  The beaters hit players on the other team with the bludgers.  If you are hit, you must go back and touch your quidditch rings before returning to play.
  • The chasers have the quaffle.  They try to throw the quaffle through the other teams’ hoops to score.  Each score is worth 10 points.


  • The keepers try to keep the quaffle from going through their hoops.
  • The seeker tries to catch the snitch.  If the snitch is caught the team that catches it earns 30 points (as opposed to wizard quidditch where it it worth 150).  Once the snitch is caught the game is over and the team with the most points wins.


  • The snitch hangs the sock or the flag behind their back.  They are allowed to do anything to keep from being caught by the seeker.  They can go anywhere they want.


  • Once all of the positions have been filled, each team lines up at their own goal.
  • The snitch leaves the playing area.
  • The balls are placed in the center of the field.
  • Someone says, “Brooms up!” and the game begins.
  • The seekers look for the snitch and once spotted they are allowed to chase it anywhere and do anything to get it.
  • The game ends when the seeker catches the snitch.  The team with the most points wins.


My kids loved “flying around” on the brooms…


Or just looking at them.


My kids didn’t really play quidditch, but they had fun watching us.  I’m sure we looked silly to them.


Hermione was our seeker and caught the snitch.  I found it very appropriate as the party was for her.

Am I forgetting anything?  Let me know.  This was in no way like the official muggle quidditch leagues (yes, they do exist!) so I may have forgotten to explain something.

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