Fox and the Hound – Bear Trap Game

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“Listen good, Tod, ’cause it’s either education or elimination.” – Big Mama


My hubby showed the kids The Fox and the Hound this week.  I remember being terrified of the bear as a child.  That is one MEAN bear!

The scene where Amos Slade puts down the traps in the forest to catch Todd gave me a great idea for a game.


Bear Trap Game

Materials Needed:

  • Sidewalk chalk

How to Play:

  • Designate the boundaries (one section of sidewalk should do the trick).  These boundaries are the hunter’s ground.
  • Choose someone to be the hunter (they draw the “traps”) and everyone else is a bear/fox.
  • The hunter starts by drawing 3 large circles in the hunter’s ground.


Like so.

  • These circles are the hunter’s traps.
  • The bears/foxes have to try to get from one long end of the hunter’s ground to the other without stepping on the traps.


  • Each round the hunter will add three more “traps”.  (Start big and get smaller as the area fills up or it will take FOREVER to finish the game.)


  • The hunter will keep adding traps until there is only one bear/fox left.  That person wins and gets to be the new hunter for the next game.


  • Remember you must stay in bounds!

Fox and Hound.jpg

Princess jumped, dodged, and tip-toed her way through the hunter’s area multiple times.


Here’s what our hunter’s ground looked like when we were done playing.  I was amazed that I had to fill in so many small spaces.

*Just a note: This game is great for preschool aged children and older.  My toddler wasn’t interested in it at all.  

Have fun!

Click the picture below to watch that bear scene.  *Caution: May be too scary for very small children. 


Bear Scene


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