The Lorax – Mustaches and Marshmallow Shooters

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“I’m going to eat this, but I’m highly offended by it.” – The Lorax


This week’s themed activity comes from the movie The Lorax (currently on Netflix by the way).  The kids and I had loads of fun with this activity so let’s just right into it.


Marshmallow Shooters

Materials Needed:

  • Styrofoam Cups
  • Scissors
  • Balloons
  • Mini-Marshmallows
  • Tape or a glue gun (optional)

How to Make the Shooters:

  • Cut the bottom off of the cup.  Like so: 


  • Notice it does not have to be straight or pretty. 


  • Cut the tip off of the balloon.  I started small and cut back more.  By the time I was satisfied I had cut off about 1/2 inch.


  • Tie a knot in the balloon.


  • Place balloon over cut portion of the cup.  If you feel like the balloon isn’t going to stay you can add tape or glue it down with a glue gun.  (It would probably look nicer with the glue gun, but we wanted to get playing!)
  • Place a marshmallow in the cup, pull back the balloon, and let her fly!

IMG_2950 IMG_2951

Because the Lorax has such an amazing mustache, I thought it would be fun to wear mustaches of our own while we shot our marshmallow shooters.  You can tell Princess loved her mustache.  Goofy was a little less certain.

IMG_2953 IMG_2964

How do I look?  Bud kept trying to lick his mustache.

IMG_2954 IMG_2955

Princess had loads of fun shooting her marshmallows.  We chased each other all over the yard.

IMG_2957 IMG_2959

Goofy was content to sit and eat hers.  (Notice the mustache is gone.)


When we were nearly done, Princess decided it would be best to shoot the marshmallows directly into her mouth.  Funny girl!

We had a blast and we hope you will make some marshmallow shooters of your own.  They were super fun!  You could have targets to shoot at or you could play marshmallow shooter tag.  Give it a try!

Click the picture below to watch the marshmallow scene from The Lorax.

Marshmallow Scene

Marshmallow Scene


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