The Emperor’s New Groove – Animal Changing Game

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Kuzko: We’re not getting anywhere with you picking the vials.  
I’m picking the next one.
Pacha: Fine by me!
Kuzko: Give me that one.
[Turns into a whale]
Kuzko: Don’t you say a word.


I had llama for dinner tonight.  Yep, real llama meat.  Maybe that is morbid to have for dinner in conjunction with this movie…

Anyway!  The Emperor’s New Groove.  I remember the first time I watched this movie with my family.  By the time it was over we were literally crying and rolling around on the ground.  Anyone else?

One of my favorite scenes is when Kuzko is trying all of the different vials in order to turn back into a human (watch scene below).  What better way to honor this movie than by playing an animal changing game?!


Animal Changing Game

Materials Needed:

  • 6 cups
  • Dice (one per person)
  • Animal Sheet (printout below)
  • Tape
  • Sharpie (optional)

How to Play:

Animal Game

  • Print out the animal sheet above.  I would suggest using cardstock or else you should laminate them.


  • Get out six cups and number them (either with a Sharpie or using the numbers provided on the animal sheet).


  • Place four animal cards in each cup.  I have all of the animals separated into groups (farm animals, pets, jungle animals, African’ animals, ocean animals, and forest animals) so my kids can learn some animal categorization.  My animals are black and white only because my printer is out of colored ink, but the printout should work just fine for you.


  • Place your cups in numerical order around the room or playing area.  Make sure to put them low enough so the little ones can reach them.
  • Give each child a dice.  Designate one child to be Yzma.  That child tries to tag the others.  The rest of the children are Kuzko.


  • The Kuzkos roll the dice and go to their designated cup.  They draw a card from the cup and must act like the animal shown until they roll their die and draw from the next cup.


  • Meanwhile, Yzma is rolling his/her dice.  Yzma runs to the cup of the number shown.  If there are any Kuzkos there he/she can tag them and they become the new Yzma.  
  • The game continues until the kids are tired of playing.


My kids had a blast playing this game.  Goofy got a monkey!

photo (1)

Princess being a goldfish.


Showing me her giraffe-like neck.


Bud had fun playing with edible finger paint while he watched his sisters playing.




Crab walk!

If you have only one child they can simply run from cup to cup pretending to be different animals.  It’s a great game for number and animal recognition for both toddlers and preschoolers.  The more kids the better so you can add that extra tagging element.

You could also change up what is in each cup.  Do math problems, give sight or spelling words, etc.  The options are endless!

Here is the animal changing scene for your enjoyment:


Potion Drinking Scene


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