Mary Poppins: Tea Party on the Ceiling

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And we had a lovely tea party…on the ceiling. – Jane Banks


When I looked out the window this morning can you guess what I saw?  (No, not popcorn popping on the apricot tree.)  Rain!  I had planned on doing an outdoor activity for this Mary Poppins activity, so I had to quickly change my plans.  Luckily, I have a knack for coming up with things to do on the fly.  The activity we ended up doing turned out surprisingly well–in fact, it was practically perfect!

Tea on Ceiling.jpg

Tea Party on the Ceiling

Materials Needed:

  • A tea set (optional, regular plates and cups will do)
  • A bunk bed (or someplace high, like a tree house, loft, or attic)
  • Food and water
  • Dress-ups (optional)


How to Play:

  • Prepare your food for the tea party and set it out on the top bunk.
  • Set out some dress-ups.
  • Let the kids come in and put on whatever outfit they would like for the tea party.


So many clothing options to choose from.


Goofy decided she did NOT want to be Maleficent.


I wasn’t surprised at all that Princess ended up wearing a necklace, gloves, and a purse, while holding a flower.  She’s such a girly-girl.


Goofy also decided that gloves would be perfect for a tea party.


  • Let the kids climb up onto the bed and have their tea party on the ceiling (well, as near the ceiling as we could get).


I wasn’t too worried about a mess.  I laid a blanket down over the bedspread so it wouldn’t get dirty.  If they spilled…well, I need to wash the girls’ bed sheets anyway.



Pouring “tea” for each other.


Bud and I had a nice little lunch at the table in the girls’ room.


Do you think they had fun?


Just for fun I thought I’d show you the aftermath of a good time.  Too bad we can’t snap that mess away.


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