101 Dalmatians: ABC Puppy Hunt

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I’ll get even!  Just wait!  You’ll be sorry, you fools!  You…YOU IDIOTS! – Cruella De Vil


Family vacation growing up always meant a long car trip.  We never flew.  As kids my siblings and I made up a fun car game.  Certain colored cars represented certain characters from 101 Dalmatians (e.g. red = Cruella, white = puppies, Blue = Pongo & Perdy).  We split into teams, and when you saw a car that color you would shout out the name of the person as quickly as you could.  That would earn you a point for your team.  We even made up songs for all of the characters that we would sing when we saw cars that were the right color.

Ah!  Those were the days!

Today’s activity is all about finding the lost puppies that Cruella stole.


Find the Lost Puppies Game

Materials Needed:

  • Puppy ABC Cards below
  • Magnifying Glasses (optional)


How to Play:

  • Print and cut out the Dalmatian ABC cards.  (You can print on cardstock for a sturdier card, or you can laminate them like I did.)


  • Hide the cards all around the house.  (You could do this outside instead.)


  • Give the kids their magnifying glasses.  Tell them that the puppies are lost and we need to find them.  (I had my kids find them in alphabetical order to make it a little more challenging.)


  • Let them search the house and find the puppies.  We chanted “Find all the puppies!” while we hunted.  

IMG_3166 IMG_3169

Princess and Goofy felt like real detectives trying to find the lost puppies.

IMG_3184 IMG_3176

Here are some puppies!


Silly girl.  This activity was great alphabet practice for Goofy.


We had lots of fun.  After they found all of the puppies I let Princess hide them for Goofy to find.

A great thing about this activity is that afterwards you have cute Dalmatian ABC flashcards!

Puppy ABC Printable:  (I used free coloring pages to make my cards.  Just click the pictures, save them to your computer and print.  Enjoy!)


101DalmationsCards2.jpg 101DalmationsCards3.jpg


Watch the Cruella De Vil Song by clicking the picture below.

Cruella De Vil Song

Cruella De Vil Song


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