E is for Enchanted – Preschool Lesson

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“It seems as if this box controls the magic mirror.” – Prince Edward


I have no qualms with letting my kids watch movies.  In the morning when I am cleaning the house, I turn on a Disney flick so I can get work done without kids getting underfoot.  Coupling a movie with a preschool lesson is that much better.  The the kids are learning, getting a little quality time with mom, and are entertained as well.  Win-win all around!

Bestie has come up with another short and sweet preschool lesson.  I’d say this one is perfect for toddlers with their short attention span.


Letter E

  • Movie of the Day: Enchanted
  • Snack of the Day: Eggs; Or if you want to do something a little out of the ordinary try this Eggs and Bacon Snack from Crystal and Co.

Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Discussion:  Bestie taught Brownie that there are both upper and lowercase letters.  This is a great concept to teach young kids learning their letters.  She showed Brownie some examples (I’m sure letter E was included).

Preschool Goodness 007

Letter E Jiggly-Eye Drawing Activity:  After their discussion, Bestie gave Brownie a piece of paper with two sets of jiggly-eyes on it.  First, she explained that eye starts with “E,” then she let Brownie draw whatever she wanted on the paper.  Kids love this activity.  It trains them to use their imaginations and work their drawing skills.  My kids did some jiggly-eye drawing of their own when they were sick.

Homework: The homework for this lesson is to review the uppercase and lowercase letters.  Have the kids identify each letter type.

Thanks again to Bestie for sharing so many fun ideas with us!


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