D is for Dumbo – Preschool Lesson

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“I am the voice of your subconscious mind. Your inspiration. – Timothy Q. Mouse


The quote above from Disney’s Dumbo perfectly describes how I feel about Bestie–she is an inspiration to me.  It’s because of her that I started teaching Goofy preschool lessons at our home.  It’s time to share her inspirational preschool ideas with you!  “Now comes the climax!”

Lesson and a Movie

Letter D

  • Movie of the Day: Dumbo
  • Snack of the Day: Doughnuts

Letter D Dough Craft: Bestie made play dough with her daughter, Brownie.  If you would like a recipe for scented, sparkly play dough click the link (Pinning With Purpose).  Your kids will love it!  You could practice making the letter D out of the play dough, cut out D’s using a cookie cutter, or stamp a letter D into the play dough.  Play dough is awesome.  There are so many possibilities!

Preschool Goodness 004

Shape Matching: Brownie learned to match shapes on this little shape page Bestie created.  You could make your own by cutting out the shapes you like and tracing around them on a sheet of paper.  *Tip: If you have a Cricut, use the George and the Basic Shapes cartridge so you don’t have to cut any shapes out by hand.  

Preschool Goodness 006

Looks like Brownie figured it out.

Story Time: As a story time/reading activity, Bestie taught Brownie the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty (notice the D in Dumpty).  You could print out a copy of the rhyme and have your child locate all of the D’s on the page.  If you would like to see an entire lesson about Humpty Dumpty click HERE (Pinning With Purpose).

Homework: Have shape practice throughout the week.  Locate shapes all around you.

Bestie – you are so full of clever ideas.  We can’t wait to see more!

Here are Bestie’s previous lessons:


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