C is for Cinderella – Preschool Lesson

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Stepmother: Girls.  Girls.  Above all, self control.
[Cinderella knocks on the door]
Stepmother: [Angry slams on the piano keys] Yes!


Guilt.  I am feeling guilty tonight.  Earlier, I was sitting at the piano (something I rarely get a chance to do these days) playing some of my favorite songs just because.  I was in the zone–until Princess interrupted me.  The evil stepmother in me came out BIG TIME.  I don’t usually have these sorts of outbursts, and I apologized to Princess for snapping at her after I calmed down.  I don’t know about you, but these “adult temper tantrums” I sometimes have are wake up calls that help me realize I can always be better.

What does this have to do with a preschool lesson you ask?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  I just felt like sharing.

On to the lesson.

Lesson and a Movie

Letter C

  • Movie of the Day: Cinderella
  • Snack of the Day: Cookies (any cookie of your choosing–sounds pretty good to me)

Preschool Goodness 003

Letter Tracing: Bestie has these adorable Disney letter tracing pages.  I love them.  I couldn’t find a Cinderella tracing page for you, but click HERE for a cute page that has a crown and a cow on it (worksheetfun.com).  The cow goes with the lesson as you will see later.


Letter C Activity: Play the game Candy Land (because it starts with C of course).  I love that Bestie played a game with Brownie as part of their lesson.  What a great way to practice sportsmanship, taking turns, and color recognition.

Preschool Goodness 001

Letter C Cow Craft: Is this cow not incredibly darling?!  All you need to make your own cow with your kids is a paper plate, scissors, googly eyes, and white, pink, and black paper.  Bestie got the idea from Living on a Latte.  There are TONS of cute preschool/toddler ideas on this site.

Being Polite Lesson: The focus for today’s lesson is talking nicely to people and about people.  This is something that all kids (and many adults) can work on daily–if not hourly for some.

Homework: Review previous polite lessons (saying “please” and “thank you,” and sharing)

More of Bestie’s adorable lessons to come!

And in case you missed the last few lessons here are the links.  Enjoy!


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