Brother Bear: Salmon Run Game

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Blonde Bear: Hey, you’re stirrin’ up the water there dude…
Tug: Yeah, try not to scare off the fish there, buddy.


Welcome to our family time!  Welcome to our happy to be time!

Who’s up for a little Disney’s Brother Bear salmon run?  This game is so easy and helps your kids practice their fine motor skills.

Salmon Run.jpg

Salmon Run Game

Materials Needed:

  • A pair of gloves
  • Sheets of foam (white and pink)
  • A bucket
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • A Sharpie marker


How to Play:

  • Cut the white foam into claws and tape them to the gloves.  These will be the “bear paws.”  
  • Cut the pink foam into fish (I made 20).  
  • Using the Sharpie, draw an eye on each side of the fish’s head.


  • Lay the fish out on the playing area.


  • Have your child put on the “bear paws.”


  • Give them the bucket and see how fast they catch all of the fish.  


Each of my kids got a chance to play.  The “bear paws” were super big on Goofy so she had a tough time.  I would choose smaller gloves for her next time.


The “bear paws” were perfect for Princess.  They were just big enough to make catching the fish a challenge.


It was a fun, simple, cheap game and the kids loved it!

*For some practical fun: you could try letting your kids wear the “bear paws” while they are putting their toys away.


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