B is for Bambi – Preschool Lesson

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Thumper: Say “bird.”
Bambi: Bur.
Thumper: Bird.
Bambi: Bur!
Thumper: Uh-uh.  Bir-duh!


Don’t you feel like Thumper sometimes when you are trying to teach your toddler/preschooler?  Right now Goofy has a hard time making the “kuh” sound for k and c.  She pronounces it “tuh.”  It’s so cute I almost don’t want her to grow out of it.

Bestie has pulled together another fabulous preschool lesson for you.  If you didn’t see her A is for Aladdin Lesson you ought to go check it out.  (Seriously.)  Without further ado–B is for Bambi.

Lesson and a Movie

Letter B

  • Movie of the Day: Bambi (to be watched with snack of the day when the lesson is over)
  • Snack of the Day: Banana

Preschool Goodness 002

Letter Tracing: Bestie had her daughter trace the letter B from a book she purchased at the dollar store.  Here is a cute Letter B Tracing Page if you’d rather just print one off (Classroom Jr.).  

Kairi stepping stones 002

Comparing Sizes: For the next activity, Bestie drew two sections on her paper – Big and Small.  She cut out circles of different sizes.  Brownie glued the big and small circles to the corresponding side.  (You could also use this activity to teach about colors and shapes.)  Bestie mentioned that although the circles were not significantly different in size, Brownie was still able to sort them correctly.

Kairi stepping stones 001

Letter B Butterfly Craft: I simply must interject this quote from Disney’s Bambi right here: “That’s not a bird, that’s a butterfly!” – Thumper.  Bestie and Brownie made this adorable butterfly craft using a paper plate, pom-poms, glue, pipe cleaner, glitter glue, and jiggly-eyes.  Go Here (TLC) for more detailed instructions.

Being Polite Lesson: Saying please and thank you.  Bestie discusses with Brownie why it is polite to say please and thank you.  They practice throughout the day.  (You could also do this in conjunction with my Enchanted Kind Words Challenge.) 

Homework: Review sizes and read a book.

I hope you are enjoying these lessons as much as I am.  I know Bestie is having a blast creating them for her daughter.  What other ideas do you have for learning about the letter B?


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