Alice in Wonderland – Talking Flowers

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“But of course we talk, my dear.” – The Rose


My dad is  a fantastic gardener.  His yard always looks like a little piece of heaven.  The flowers have always been my favorite part.  When I was a little girl I, like Alice, used to dream that the  flowers in our yard could talk.  It always made me sad that in Disney’s Alice in Wonderland the flowers were mean to Alice in the end.


My kids and I made talking flowers (and our flowers are never mean).

Alice in Wonderland Talking Flowers


Materials Needed:

  • Construction Paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Jiggly-eyes

How to Make the Flowers:


  • Cut a piece of paper into a flower of your choice (I made a tulip).
  • Fold the flower in half.
  • Cut a straight line, about 1/2-1 inch long, in the middle of your flower (this will be the mouth).
  • Where you cut, fold a little triangle upwards and another little triangle downwards.  (Use THIS PICTURE to see what I mean.)
  • Put the folded triangles back into their original position.


  • Open the flower.
  • Pull the triangles into the flower.  There’s your mouth!


  • Tape a square piece of construction paper onto the back of the flower.
  • Add some jiggly eyes to your flower.
  • Tape the flower to a Popsicle stick.  Add leaves if you’d like.


Princess loves her talking flower!


We made lots of flowers to play with.  They make me smile.  I mean just look at them; they’re adorable!  Make a bouquet for someone you love.

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