About Me


I am going to come clean with you: we watch lots of (probably too much) TV around here.  But in conjunction with watching TV I like to create activities to do with my kids.  With this site I plan to share lots of activities that you can do for your own family movie night.

It’s time to put the PLAY back into screenplay one activity at a time!

A little bit about me:
-My name is Kristen.  I have been married to the love of my life for 6 wonderful years.  I will refer to him as Hubby.  He is a hard worker and a loving dad.
-Princess is my oldest.  She is 5 and I can hardly believe it!  Her hobbies are dressing up, playing the piano, dancing, and learning everything as quickly as she can.
-Goofy is my 2 year old and we call her Goofy for a reason.  She loves to make people laugh and occasionally get into mischief.
-Bud is 1 year old.  I call him my “Mellow Fellow” because he is always so calm and happy.  His big smile lights up a room and melts my heart.
-My hobbies are playing the piano, singing, anything artistic, scrapbooking, reading, writing, teaching kids, and I basically like to dabble in everything.
-I love everything Disney.
-Dill pickles are my favorite food.

There you have it.  Me in a nutshell.

I hope you enjoy this site.  I am excited to get started creating activities for my little family and hopefully you will be inspired to try out some of these activities with yours.