A is for Aladdin – Preschool Lesson

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“Sheesh, where’d you pick this bozo up?” – Iago

Aladdin cover

*Throughout this post I will refer to my friend as Bestie and her daughter as Brownie (because of her big, brown eyes).

We don’t want our kids growing up to be, as Iago states, “bozo’s.”  Many moms choose to teach mommy school, (aka. preschool at home).  My best friend came up with a clever preschool theme for teaching her three-year-old daughter.  It is so perfect, so ME, that I keep asking myself, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Bestie is doing what I will call Lesson and a Movie.  She is teaching her daughter a letter a day using different activities.  When Brownie is done they watch a movie that starts with the letter discussed.

How amazing, awesome, creative–words can’t express what a fantastic idea this is!

I told her I simply HAD to write some posts about her lessons for this website.  She–being the wonderful person she is–obliged.  All of the activities and pictures below are hers.

Letter A

  • Movie of the Day: Aladdin
  • Snack of the Day: Apples

Preschool Goodness 004

Letter Tracing: Bestie found a tracing book at the dollar store, but you can find lots of cute tracing pages HERE (worksheetfun.com).  Brownie practiced tracing letter A.

Preschool Goodness 002

Counting: Pictured above is the counting with shapes page Bestie created.  She and Brownie counted the shapes together.  If you would like a quick link to some counting pages may I suggest you look HERE (Kidzone)?

Preschool Goodness 003

Comparing Sizes: Sometimes I think Bestie and I are long-lost sisters.  We like so many of the same things–including Pinterest.  Bestie got this fun idea for teaching Brownie about comparing sizes while browsing through Pinterest.  As you can tell from the picture, Bestie separated a piece of paper into “short” and “long” sections.  Next, she cut out strips of paper of varying sizes.  She discussed the difference between long and short with Brownie.  Then, Brownie glued the pieces in the correct sections of the paper.  For older kids you can let them cut their own paper.  The more scissor and gluing practice the better I say!  Check out how this same activity was done at Kinder Craze.

Preschool Goodness 001

Letter A Button Craft: For this craft you use buttons to trace whatever letter your child is learning.  Perfect for hand-eye coordination!  She got the idea from Tons of Fun Preschool Activities.

Being Polite Lesson: I love that Bestie gives her daughter little lessons in etiquette.  If only all parents would do the same!  The focus of the lesson was sharing.  She did a short role play with Brownie about sharing.  Throughout the week, when Brownie shares, Bestie reinforces the good behavior by saying, “That was very polite.  I am so proud of you!”

After the activities are through, they watch the movie of the day while eating the snack of the day.

Homework: Practice counting to 10.

I will be highlighting more of Bestie’s preschool ideas as she shares them with me.  Stay tuned!

If you would like to see more education-based activities, check out the new “educational activities” tab at the top of the page.


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